Fun, upbeat, pop music is the soundtrack to a sport that fuses dance styles such as jazz, ballet, hip hop, contemporary, aerobic dance and even yoga! Our innovative choreography changes annually and is designed for maximum variety and fun.

Physie (also known as Physical Culture) is the perfect combination of movements designed to increase strength, fitness and flexibility. The benefits for your daughter are increased co-ordination, brain development and confidence.

An overview of events, classes and terminologyabout-trophy

For those who are new to Physie or are simply unsure of the meaning of all the events and competitions that occur throughout the year – the following article has been compiled to offer a brief explanation of our year here at Liverpool Physical Culture Club.

A new syllabus is choreographed each year for the various ages and all members work from February to November to master the skills and techniques required to be a successful Physie girl as well as achieving along the way improved self esteem and a general physical well-being.

During this time we focus on learning and mastering the new syllabus for your specific age group. The syllabi are developed during the holiday period by a group of choreographers from BjP. They are appropriately tailored for different age groups and the choreography is coordinated with a new soundtrack each year.

Interclubs (2 per year)
2015 Opera House FinalistsInterclubs are organized competitions between clubs outside your usual area as a friendly preparation to performing the syllabus. Interclubs are a good opportunity to check your progress and be aware of leotard, hair and make-up requirements.

There are no expectations at these events other than the will to perform to the best of your ability and have a lot of fun doing it. Interclubs are always an enjoyable day with rewards for hard work on the day.

All ages from 4 Years to Seniors and Ladies are involved. A nominal entry fee applies to Interclubs to cover medals, hall hire etc. and is set by the host Club.

All Interclub competitors must wear a BjP leotard in any colour, there is no restriction on colour.

Champion Girl Heats: Champion Girl Heats are open to all club members. They are BjP organized competitions held in various zones throughout the Sydney Metropolitan Area and country zones, Queensland and Victoria.

The Junior Event for members 5-14 Years is held in the local area. Girls compete against others from the same age group, for example: All 5 year olds together. We belong to the ‘Liverpool Zone’ and competitions are usually held at the James Meehan Community Centre, Macquarie Fields. Five place-getters are chosen in each age group to contest the Junior National Finals in November. Coloured BjP leotards are worn at this event.

Repechage: Juniors 6 – 14 Years who have reached the Zone Final but are not place-getters compete for a second change to reach the National Finals (5 Years to not compete any further than Zone level). Place-getters proceed to the National Finals. This event is usually held in the Whitlam Leisure Centre main auditorium. Once again, coloured leotards are worn.

The Ladies 40’s and 50’s events are also held at this time, as are the 2nd Year and Novice Seniors Teams.

November is an extremely busy time in the Physie Year.

Teams Team: This is the main event from the Clubs perspective as gradings are achieved through these results each year. A team consists of eight girls who are judged on their ability to perform the syllabus in perfect timing and standard of work. Members need to work together in a friendly and committed manner. Attending all lessons and practices is essential to team-danceensure a high quality of work and synchronicity. Liverpool Club strives to enable all members to participate in team competitions, but sometimes if class numbers are small then this is not always possible. This competition is held in combined age-groups: 5/6 Years; 7/8 Years; 9/10 Years; 11/12 Years; etc. Black leotards are word so that all members look alike, for Juniors these are hired through the club for a minimal fee.

Junior Nationals: Those girls who placed at Zone and Repechage now compete for the title of National Age Champion at Homebush.

Senior Heats: Senior Girls selections for the National Finals at Homebush.

Club Competitions: This is an event to showcase and reward the talents at all levels of individual achievement within the club. It is a very important conclusion to our Physie year for everyone from 3 Years to Ladies.

Club Party: A fun social event to celebrate the end of a year of hard work.

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