The BJP 125 Year Spectacular is a mass display of dance depicting the rich 125 year history of the Bjelke-Petersen School of Physical Culture in Australia. With a cast of 2,000 girls and women from across the country, the show will take viewers on a journey from the sport’s origins in Hobart in 1892 through the decades of health and fitness, exercise and sport, competition and dance that has touched the lives of so many Australian families.

Discover how physical culture has survived the test of time by culturally evolving, reinventing itself and embracing activities to enrich physical and mental wellbeing. Enjoy two hours of non-stop dance, music, costume and colour from 125 years of Australian history.

Go to to buy tickets. The date is 24 June 2017

You can but up to 10 tickets in any one purchase by phone or on-line. Blue seats are sold, grey seats are available. (Some areas are unavailable due to audio and lighting gear). Note that blocks 4, 5, 15 and 16 have extended seating not shown on the venue map on the ticketek website when you book tickets. the picture gives you a clearer idea of the extended seating.