125 year BjP Spectacular

On the 24th June, 2017 BjP Clubs from all over Australia came together to tell the story of Physie.

All clubs in the Liverpool zone told the story of the  800 BjP members who performed in the ‘Nature Segment’ of the opening ceremony in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. The choreography and rehearsals and costumes were beautifully prepared by Sharon Allen and Kerry Watts. A band of mums, nannas, teachers and also some husbands worked tirelessly to cut, pin, machine, hand sew, and glue the amazing costumes for our performers. These helpers not only sewed at every rehearsal but took costumes home to complete them. Many Clubs found mums hand sewing headpieces and lights into costumes at the back of their classes. There were 120 performers from the Liverpool Zone who all came together to share this experience and the bonding that this has brought to our zone is forever in their memories. The performers gave up many Sundays to rehearse and perfect their part of the story.

The performance on the night brought tears to many people who had been involved in the Olympics Opening Ceremony. The audience reaction of a gasp of delight when the lights were turned on was felt by the whole cast.

The cast members from Liverpool club were:  9 yrs – Chloe Y, Emma M, Isabella. 10 yrs – Bridgette, Sarah E. 11 yrs – Chloe E, Julia, Mia E. 12 yrs – Emma S. Seniors – Amy T, Claudia, Elena, Erin, Kaylah, Kristen, Nicole, Rebecca, Symone. Ladies – Alison, Cassandra, Chris, Jeannie, Julie, Kerry G, Kerry W, Lisa, Lynda, Lyndal M, Lyndall F, Lyndall L, Victoria, Wendy B, Wendy P.

Congratulations to everyone who was involved in any small or big way to helping to make this a night to remember. Many girls were to comment that they wished they could repeat the performance because it was all over so quickly. They are all now looking forward to watching the DVD so that they can appreciate the unfolding of the whole story.